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Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc. is Pleased to Announce Hank Steinbrecher has Joined its Board of Advisors

Posted by Tate Paglia on January 12, 2017

Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce Hank Steinbrecher has joined its board of advisors. Seattle Sport Sciences offers a range of innovative technologies, products and services such as the ISOTechne® Platform and 2Victa® Training System. Steinbrecher will provide consulting and counsel in areas of business development, product innovation and growth strategies.

Footballers and fans of the sport across America owe a great deal to Steinbrecher. As the former Secretary General of U.S. Soccer, Steinbrecher is responsible for leading the sport through its most dramatic and significant growth in American history. As the Founder and CEO of Touchline Consulting, Steinbrecher continues to influence some of the sport’s biggest corporate names and brightest stars.

Steinbrecher was instrumental in introducing and advancing unprecedented growth for U.S. soccer and the nation’s rise in prominence in the sport internationally. Honored with the four most prestigious awards in American soccer – Lifetime Member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, induction into the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame, The Honor Award from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (now known as United Soccer Coaches), and U.S. Soccer’s Werner Fricker Builder’s Award – Steinbrecher had been seeking additional opportunities to support the sport that he loves. By joining the team at Seattle Sport Sciences, he is now contributing to the next great chapter of the sport where the use of technology and data will be essential in assessing skill and enhancing return on investment.

“I am very happy to join the Board of Advisors for Seattle Sport Sciences and its ISOTechne brand,” states Steinbrecher. “Seattle Sport Sciences is poised to utilize modern scientific analysis to develop players and teams. ISOTechne Skill Analytics is the future of sports training and with our superior technology, we can develop and enhance player performance. The analytical data will revolutionize how we train and improve on a player’s skills. From a team and business perspective, we know that superior training and knowledge will add to an organization’s competitive edge and commercial value.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Hank on board,” said Jeff Alger, President and CEO of Seattle Sport Sciences. “We are honored to be where he has chosen to continue his legacy of innovation and passion, while helping us cement the role of technology in soccer. We look forward to our partnership during this very innovative and exciting time in the sport.”

If your organization is interested in testing the new ISOTechne Platform, please contact Jeff Vogt, Director of Sales for Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc. at +1 425-939-0015 ext 1002 or at