Gain insight—and an edge.

ISOTechne® Skill Analytics let you collect, analyze, aggregate and interpret data, resulting in more impactful training, and a greater return on investment. 


"Seattle Sport Sciences is an innovative technology company that pioneered skills analytics in soccer." - Forbes

if you can measure it, you can improve it.

ISOTechne® developed skill analytics for organizations that value the importance of statistical analysis and its effect on performance. For the first time, you can collect objective data to measure skill and analyze player efficacy, thanks to our revolutionary cloud-based technology.
Collect and analyze objective data on individual player skills through precise measurement of the ball and player movement.
Establish and monitor skill standards throughout your entire organization.
Measure a player’s progress during an individual session, compare it to his or her past performance or to other players, groups or organizations, in any format you choose.
Combine data with other users and share data gathered from an unlimited number of locations—across town or across the world.

isotechne mapped first touch—
for the first time ever.

Football is the only sport in the world that requires players to contact the ball using multiple body surfaces. Speed, quickness, vision, anticipation, and decision making all depend on touch, and precise control of the first touch makes every other movement and decision possible.

ISOTechne is the first and only technology that enables you to objectively evaluate every single one of the twenty-three touch points, giving you the competitive edge.


see the big picture
with detailed data.

With the ISOTechne® Platform, you’ll receive objective, quantifiable and statistically valid data on individual players—but that doesn’t mean you have a narrow perspective. Using the ISOTechne Skill Analytics data collected during training, you’ll be able to understand a certain player’s skill down to the side of the foot they play better with and how they deliver the ball to other players.

Armed with that information across your organization, you can see how each player fits within the club, and can make informed decisions about training and rostering, or even about bigger issues like transferring and signing players.

experience the impact of skill analytics for your club.

Make informed decisions and watch your organization get stronger—from the ground up.