Better players. Better decisions. Better organizations.

Meaningful analytics lead to more effective training, improved performance and stronger results.

gain insight on the field, in your office, or anywhere else.

The ISOTechne® Platform provides all the tools you need to access cloud-based analytics in real time, or to download data later for analysis or to share across your organization.

isotechne launchpad

This tablet displays data gathered by the 2Victa® Training System as it’s collected in a variety of formats. Armed with this precise information, organizations — even those with multiple locations — can compare the data of various athletes, training methods and entire sports programs. Data can be evaluated against standards as well as trends over time, yielding key insights.

isotechne motion

These devices are sensors and signals, capturing movement of the ball and players. Any number of motions can be included in the 2Victa® Training System or used by themselves, collecting objective data about movement speed, precision, accuracy and more.

2Victa Training System

The 2Victa® ball launcher produces the most consistent, repeatable and reliable ball serve in the sport. The 2Victa holds 16 balls that can each be served at separate preprogrammed speeds, distances, and trajectories, with any form or lack of spin desired. Ball service is repeatable, reliable and accurate from 10 to 70 mph, up to 75 yards.

first touch is everything.

A perfect first touch from any one of a player's 23 touch points determines everything else. ISOTechne is the first technology on the market that allows you to MAP that essential first touch, as well as the movement of both the player and the ball, providing objective, quantifiable and statistically valid data. And we know that what you can measure, you can improve.

MAP your game.

MEASURE and collect data on a tablet, to review on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
ANALYZE and interpret the data for better training.
PERFORMANCE is enhanced across the organization.

your methods. our technology.

ISOTechne works together with your unique training, creating custom analytics to increase performance.

The ISOTechne Platform isn’t an out-of-the-box solution—it’s designed to work with your specific needs, in tandem with the training you already use. You can customize data the way you want, compare players across the organization, and combine data from multiple locations. The ISOTechne Platform can be tailored for any organization, at any level.



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