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Posted by Tate Paglia on January 23, 2017

Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc., currently doing business in 26 countries, is pleased to announce the 2Victa® Training System is now available.

The 2Victa® Training System is the world’s first remote-controlled, fully programmable training system that brings technology to skill training, aids in improvements in all areas of play, and makes more efficient and effective use of both the coach’s and the player’s time and decision-making abilities.

The 2Victa® Training System is portable and offers up to eight hours of battery power for each use. Users can specify 96 pre-programmed or custom presets to serve balls in any pattern they choose, through the included LaunchPad tablet. The ball feeder holds 16 balls that can be served at speeds from 10 to 75 miles per hour while controlling for elevation, trajectory, and any type of spin, curve, speed and distance. The system has a range of up to 75 yards and offers precise, repeatable, consistent service. Motion devices serve as wireless sensors and signals for player and ball movement.

Users also have the option of including the ISOTechne® Platform that provides data collection to the Cloud. This powerful, versatile, and easy to use software transforms the way you look at training by providing skill measurement and assessment to “the beautiful game.” The data can be downloaded for analysis on any computer, tablet or mobile device anywhere in the world.

If your organization is interested in learning more about the 2Victa® Training System or testing the new ISOTechne Platform, contact Jeff Vogt, Director of Sales for Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc. at +1 425-939-0015 ext 1002 or at