Little things make a big difference.

We designed the SideKick Techne® Pro to help train the best soccer players in the world. Perennial German powerhouse FC Bayern Munich was one of our first customers. Note the smiles in the following video of FC Bayern Munich players using the SideKick Techne Pro for the first time.

SideKick ist eine Sensation. — Miroslav Klose, former captain German National Team; all-time leader in World Cup goals

World-class international goalkeepers are often set in their ways regarding training routines. After all, consistent and repetitive practice is one of the keys to their success. But once SK Rapid Wien of Austria ran a few drills with the SideKick Techne® Pro, they quickly recognized that it could provide them with a competitive advantage. The club decided to add the SideKick Techne Pro to their program after just one training session.

The SideKick Techne Pro enriches our goalkeeper training. – SK Rapid Wien

Do great players become great coaches?

Having a 12-year career in Major League Soccer and the United Soccer Leagues — including recognition as a USL Top 10 Player of the Decade — does not automatically translate into great coaching skills. However, it helps to always look for something extra in your players, as Scott Vallow does. He has trained some of the best professional athletes in the world as assistant coach of the Western New York Flash, the 2011 champions of the Women’s Professional Soccer League and 2013 regular season champions of the National Women’s Soccer League.

Scott also owns Train Like A Champion, a goalkeeper academy in Rochester, New York. Scott has developed a keen eye that identifies the slightest mechanical and technical adjustments necessary to elevate a player’s game. The SideKick Techne® Pro offers Scott and his students the time to concentrate on skills refinement and the consistent service necessary to make the subtle adjustments required at the highest levels of the game.

We can put various spins on the ball, as well as dipping, swerving and knuckling. It's critical to be able to see different types of shots, and the SideKick Techne Pro allows us to do that. — Scott Vallow, former assistant coach WNY Flash; former goalkeeper MLS and A-League.

If one is good, two is better!

A charter member of Major League Soccer, FC Dallas immediately recognized that SideKick Techne® Pro served a variety of uses. They purchased two machines without delay. The machines have proven to be invaluable to field players looking to improve receiving and distributing of balls, as well as to keepers striving to improve footwork and positioning.

The spin, the dip, the curve, the swerve is something unique. There is nothing like it.— Drew Keeshan, goalkeeper coach FC Dallas

SideKick Techne Pro is great for repetition, and when you want to improve technique, you must have repetition.— Schellas Hyndman, former head coach FC Dallas

Tracy Noonan (formerly Ducar) has an impressive resume that includes a 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup championship with the U.S. Women’s National Team; three NCAA national championships with the University of North Carolina; and backstopping a Boston Breakers team packed with U.S. and international stars.

Today she operates Dynasty Goalkeeping — one of the premier goalkeeper camps in the country — challenging elite female goalkeepers with an intense, individualized approach. The SideKick Techne® Pro soccer machine plays a key role in the Dynasty program.

The SideKick Techne Pro has been a GREAT addition to Dynasty Goalkeeping and is worth every penny. It is more versatile, functional and portable than other ball machines I have used! The SideKick Techne Pro allows us to consistently train for difficult saves such as extension diving, back to the bar and crosses at a much higher level, ultimately stretching the skills of the elite athletes who attend our camp. It is a unique tool that helps the coaches be more precise with services, and challenges upper level keepers to improve their focus, read service early, perfect handling techniques, and become more efficient with their footwork. All of the Dynasty students and staff coaches love it! — Tracy Noonan, owner Dynasty Goalkeeping

Ian Feuer spent his playing career on the world's biggest stages, including the English Premier League and the U.S. National Team. In addition to training goalkeepers at LA Galaxy and Pepperdine University, Ian also works with goalkeepers at his Premier Goalkeeping Academy.

You have got to see SideKick Techne® Pro. I stepped into the net to take shots from the machine — it is awesome. — Ian Feuer, former goalkeeper English Premier League and U.S. National Team

One way to ensure that players receive the touches and attempts needed to progress their game is to incorporate the SideKick Techne® Pro into training. The machine consistently serves the ball every 3-4 seconds, providing efficient and maximal use of training time. As a coach, you can concentrate on assessing and instructing your athletes versus organizing and conducting drills.

The video below demonstrates Arsenal FC using the SideKick Techne Pro to enhance their game.

Tamara provides a coach’s perspective on the value of incorporating SideKick Techne® Pro into your training program.

The video below shows how our friends at SoccerGrlProbs are using the SideKick Techne® Pro to improve their game.

I tried out the SideKick Techne® Pro yesterday. I was happy that I could load it into my car without removing the wheels. There was room left over for two portable full-sized Golme goals, a bag of balls, and more. I was also relieved that I could lift and assemble the machine alone. It performed splendidly, hitting the target consistently as long as well-pumped balls were used. Its power is impressive, as is the spin control. — Evan Nelson, goalkeeper coach Boston Latin School

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