ISOTechne® 2Victa™ Training System Available for Order
at United Soccer Coaches Convention

Tate Paglia | 01.12.17

Seattle Sport Sciences, Inc. will be accepting orders for immediate shipment of the ISOTechne 2Victa Training System in booth 435 at the 2018 United Soccer Coaches Convention, January 17-21, in Philadelphia. Attendees of the annual convention for the world’s largest coaches’ association will get a first-hand look at the company’s innovative technology offerings. Most notably, this will mark the first international convention where the state-of-the-art 2Victa Training System is available to order. “As a long-time exhibitor and participant of the convention, we are excited to unveil the 2Victa system here domestically to this impressive group of coaches from around the world,” says Jeff Alger, President and CEO of Seattle Sport Sciences. “After several years in development and testing, the 2Victa Training System is now available for immediate shipment.”

The 2Victa device is the world’s first remote-controlled, fully programmable system that brings technology to skill training, improves all areas of play, and makes more efficient and effective use of the coach’s and player’s training time and decision-making abilities. It provides total control throughout a complete day of training by repeating the same ball placement, speed, spin, elevation and direction as many times as needed. Users can control ball speeds up to 76 mph while also controlling for elevation, spin and curve. The 2Victa system has a range of up to 75 yards, and will consistently hit a strike zone within one square yard from 20 to 25 yards. This unparalleled level of reliability provides the first opportunity for trainers to incorporate technology and the data it provides.

The 2Victa Training System is now available domestically and internationally for immediate shipment. If your organization is interested in learning more about the 2Victa system, contact Jeff Vogt, Director of Sales, Seattle Sport Sciences at +1 425-939-0015 ext. 104, or at